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December 16, 2012

How to update DomainKeys on a cpanel server with existing accounts

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Hello ,
Well, I have a main server with cpanel , because is easy to make e-mail account’s there , and other server for other big sites. So basically I create account on cpanel server and after that I move ip to point to other server.
However if you server crash and you restore the cpanel account it appear that cpanel rebuild the dns zone, and you have to work twice, to redo the ip to old server .
If is one domain is easy but if you have a few , then a solution is to, restore /var/named files from backup that you made, and /etc/named.conf. After this what I do was to chattr +i /var/named/*.db . In this way cpanel will keep my old configuration. However your cpanel serve will create new dkim files for you, and you will have old values on your *.db files.
So, how we fix that ?
Firs of all when the restore is done make then movable again chattr -i /var/named/*.db
After this just run :
for user in `ls -A /var/cpanel/users` ; do /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dkim_keys_uninstall $user ; done
This will erase old dkim configuration for you, when is done run :
for user in `ls -A /var/cpanel/users` ; do /usr/local/cpanel/bin/dkim_keys_uninstall $user ; done

Now you have all information updated . Off course you should use those generated files from /var/cpanel/domain_keys on other server if you send mail from there also .

Best regards

February 15, 2010

Change cpanel theme from rvskin to x3

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A few months ago I get a cpanel on another hosting company.  I want to see how it looks rvskin themes, so I switch to it. After that surprise, I can’t check my awstats traffic, so my first idea is to switch back, however this was impossible because there was no x3 cpanel themes.  I made a ticket but with no results. After a little search I find that you must log into your cpanel, after that replace in this link site with your domain, and acces it . It should work.

If you have rvskinlight you should go into “Change look and feel”, just press change when it say’s “theme is applying, wait few…”  just replace in your link themename=rvskinlight with themename=x3 and quickly hit enter.

Hope this works for you.

Best regards

March 31, 2008

mod_auth_mysql Apache with cPanel

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mod_auth_mysql is an Apache module that allows authentication using user and group data stored in MySQL databases. Originally by Vivek Khera for Apache1, now also includes a version for Apache 2. Official SourceForge Project website


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