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How to install wordpress plugin without ftp user/password

Hello Well I try today to install a plugin on a wordpress. But when I try to install it it request me the ftp user password host, for my hosting account. Well, i try to chmod 777 the wp-content, still the same, so I force the wordpress to not require ftp by adding some code into wp-config.php So to fix this chmod 777 wp-content and add define('FS_METHOD', 'direct'); to wp-config.php
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What is the & Ampersand Preceding Variables – reference – php &$

You may see PHP code snippets that have an ampersand, ‘&’, preceding a variable like &$examplevar. So, what does it do? It sets up a reference to the original variable instead of copying it’s value. Exemple: $orig = “something 1”; $reference = &$orig; echo $reference  // will output “something 1” Now if we change the $orig with something else $orig = “something 2”; echo $reference // will output “something 2”
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