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January 26, 2012

autoscaling with amazon ec2 and elb

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Creating an auto scaled system using an Amazon load balancer is an interesting task that I did recently.

Here are the list of commands that I used to setup from the command line :
as-create-launch-config ec2elbconfig --image-id ami-xxxxx --instance-type m1.large --key key_name
Also if you don’t have already setup credentials you may append
-I amazonid -S secretkey
Do not forget to add –key because after the instance is up you won’t be able to log on it.

Next command is:
as-create-auto-scaling-group MyAutoScalingGroup --launch-configuration ec2elbconfig --availability-zones us-east-1c --min-size 2 --max-size 6 --load-balancers MyLoadBalancer

Where : MyLoadBalancer – is the name of your ELB ( loading balancer ) from amazon

Nex we create two policy rules, one for adding server and one for remover:
[root@server]# as-put-scaling-policy HighCpuPolicy --auto-scaling-group MyAutoScalingGroup --adjustment=1 --type ChangeInCapacity --cooldown 300
[root@server]# as-put-scaling-policy LowCpuPolicy --auto-scaling-group MyAutoScalingGroup --adjustment=-1 --type ChangeInCapacity --cooldown 300

Here is important to remember the output.
After this we must create two monitor rules that will scale our balancer, so will need two more rules:
mon-put-metric-alarm HighCpuAlarm --comparison-operator GreaterThanThreshold --evaluation-periods 4 --metric-name CPUUtilization --namespace "AWS/EC2" --period 60 --statistic Average --threshold 30 --alarm-actions arn:aws:autoscaling:us-east-1:xxx:scalingPolicy:xxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxx:autoScalingGroupName/MyAutoScalingGroup:policyName/HighCpuPolicy --dimensions "AutoScalingGroupName=MyAutoScalingGroup"

mon-put-metric-alarm LowCpuAlarm --comparison-operator LessThanThreshold --evaluation-periods 4 --metric-name CPUUtilization --namespace "AWS/EC2" --period 60 --statistic Average --threshold 20 --alarm-actions arn:aws:autoscaling:us-east-1:xxx:scalingPolicy:xxx-xx-xx-xx-xxxxx:autoScalingGroupName/MyAutoScalingGroup:policyName/LowCpuPolicy --dimensions "AutoScalingGroupName=MyAutoScalingGroup"

After this you will have allways 2 instance up, and if the load go up then 30% more then 4 minutes the system will go up with one more server, if the load go bellow 20% more then 4 minutes will remove one server from load balancer.

If you need to remove this you must delete rules from bottom to top using bellow commands with name of your rules.

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