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December 8, 2017

delete large directory containing thousands of files

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Well if you try to remove a directory with multiple files rm will take a long time also some load on that server .

One solution is to rsync a empty directory .

mkdir empty_dir
rsync -a –delete empty_dir/ yourdirectory/

Also a perl can be made but the rsync is easy for me to remeber .

Some more information about this you can find here


September 25, 2015

Remove all files created before a certain date

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What I want is to delete manually all e-mail that are before 01/01/2015

The command is
find /directory/path -type f ! -newermt 2015-01-01 -ls -exec rm -f {} \;

July 14, 2012

How do I remove my USER NAME from the auto-fill on chrome

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Well, from time to time , is happening that you misspell your username or your e-mail and after this google chrome keep that wrong user on auto-fill. Sometime this can be annoying.
So, how to remove username from auto fill on google chrome ?
This is a easy task
Just go with mouse over it, or press down arrow and when you are on wrong user just press “Delete” keyword

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